International Menu with Exhaustion for Dessert

Happy Thanksgiving, dear readers!  I hope you enjoyed your day of pie, community and loose pants.

I spent my Thanksgiving day and night and then yet another day riding in airplanes and queuing at international airports.  Please allow me to share my transcontinental Thanksgiving dinner menu with you (which I enjoyed to the poetic lines of The Virginian no less):

* Breakfast tacos from Salt Lick at Austin's Bergstrom airport (5:30 a.m.!)
*Chicago style hot dog followed by  Vosges caramels with bacon, smoked salt and chocolate at Chicago's O'Hare airport
* Turkey and dressing courtesy of Air Berlin someone over the Atlantic Ocean (see above)
* Bowl of latte and croissant with butter and jam at Berlin's Tegel airport
* Smoked salmon sandwich and a Jul drink at Oslo's Gardermoen airport
* Sarah Bernhardt pastry and orange soda in Stockholm's Arlanda airport
* And for desert, just plain old fashioned exhaustion!

I departed home for the airport at 5:15 a.m.Thanksgiving morning and have spent the last 38 hours reaching the remote outpost of Kiruna, Sweden via various forms of modern transportation.  I'll be taking the train to Abisko tomorrow morning to start my week of Arctic aurora borealis watching, but now I must conclude my missive and sleep the sleep of the dead.  Happily, it's gently snowing outside my window and I have a nice fluffy duvet to snuggle under.  How does one say Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... in Swedish, I wonder, and where does the angstrom go?

A lackluster-through-the-lobby-window photo of our plane on the runway at Kiruna.  No fancy jetways or state of the art fueling needed in Kiruna!  That, and the plane slowed to a stop after landing and did a 180 at the end of the runway to get back to the airport.  Very rustic. 

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