All over the place - and soon

Supermoon rising

I'm busy readying the North American touring production of  "SHIREE! A Pink-Haired Musical!" - packing the costumes, the 3D camera, rehearsing the soundtrack.  I depart July 25 for very nearly two solid months of combing the eastern half of the North American continent, and I do mean continent!  Here's a list of states and provinces I plan to visit on my journey - some fleetingly, some exceedingly:


Alabama                 Kentucky                 New Hampshire
Arkansas                Louisiana                 New York
Connecticut            Maine                      North Carolina
Delaware                Maryland                 Ohio
Florida                   Massachusetts          Pennsylvania
Georgia                  Michigan                  South Carolina
Illinois                    Minnesota                Tennessee
Indiana                  Mississippi                Virginia
Iowa                      New Jersey               Wisconsin


New Brunswick
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island

I invite you to tune in next week and join me as I begin a grand new adventure...high time to hit the happy trail!

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FenellaS said...

Shiree, if you want to meet up when you are in North Carolina, let us know!