Filled with Minty freshness

While I was waiting for my clothes to dry at the laundromat at the Trails End Motel in Sheridan, Wyoming last night, I decided to go down the street to have a beer and see what kind of trouble I could get into while I was waiting. The Mint Bar was the obvious choice because of it's wickedly cool neon sign and carved timber exterior (which turned out to extend into the interior as well).

I sat down at the bar newly cured, almost clean and mighty thirsty. "Any cider?" I asked hopefully when I saw they had Fat Tire on tap. Nope. "Any local beer?" Nope. Sigh. That settles it. I'm never taking Austin for granted again. I selected some amber something they had on tap. It didn't really matter anyway - it was just for show.
The Mint was built in 1909 with a major redecorating overhaul in the late 40s. A number of animal and antler mounts are peppered around the bar area, including the exquisitely rendered jackalope lair seen in this picture, which was also my first official jackalope sighting in the state of Wyoming. Wahooooooo!! Wyoming is the jackalope capital of the world.

I really loved the area that had been set aside for the pool table at the back of the bar. I'm not much of a pool player, but I could easily have hung out there all night with a handful of friends and some Shiner longnecks, smokes and a bunch of big stories to tell.
Aw-ight. it was about time to go back and retrieve my laundry from the dryer. My beer was getting too warm by then anway.
Adios, my minty amigos!

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Anonymous said...

Jackalopes are the best! Neal just shared your blog link with me. I am glad to be able to read about your adventures!

By the way, because of a taxidermied jackalope, my father got me to believe in jackalopes until I was 19 years old. He told me that they wreaked havoc on truck drivers in Montana and Wyoming, destroying their tires with their antlers whenever a trucker was unfortunate enough to hit one.