Got to dash!

Alright, I absolutely do not have time to write - I've got to dash off and help the Jackalopes make pinwheels for the giant ferris wheel display at the Sunday show!  The first day of the convention was a hoot, start to finish, and I just barely laid my head on the pillow by 1:00 a.m. last night.  I don't want to get too far behind on my blog though, so I have to tell you about just one thing until I can write again.

THERMAL LANCE!  I was really really excited to see a thermal lance demonstration listed on the schedule and it was a thrill to get to see it in person.  Here's the simple explanation: burning metal bores through anything.  Here's the more long-winded version: a pipe is loaded with metal rods (steel, aluminum or magnesium can be used), the tip is heated to glowing red with an oxy acetylene rig and pressurized oxygen is blown through the tube from the handle end to the business end.  Out of the business end comes molten metal and pressure sufficient to cut through, oh say, ROCK.

To be continued ...

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