Never a Dull Moment

I am happy to report that I believe I am now officially entering the Never a Dull Moment phase. After many exhausting and embarrassing weeks of wrasslin' with a cognitive chorus of irascible drama queens in my head, I have decided that thinking sucks and I'm just going to make stuff instead. Call me crazy, but that sounds like a lot more fun. Fortunately, I have a zillion ideas I want to bring to life, rendering the concept of a dull moment virtually impossible.

Today I've been working on what I like to call Flash Paper Fortune Cookies. They're not actual cookies, mind you - the number of items that are both flammable *and* edible is unfortunately quite low - no, they're simply entertaining little pyrotechnic fortune telling devices.

My first step in making them is to tap out mind bogglingly clever sayings on little strips of ultra thick copper foil using letter punches and a hammer. I've only needed one Band-Aid so far today.

The next step is to encase the copper fortune in a flash paper skin (with extra shredded flash paper stuffing for over the top visual flair), plop in a flash cord fuse and then glue the whole shootin' match together with special flammable glue. Last but not least, when the glue dries, a little creative fluffing and bending, and voila! Looks just like a fortune cookie! Only, in my experience, fortune cookies seldom go up in a soccer ball sized orange fireball when ignited. Probably could, though, with the right accelerants.
I digress.
I plan to make about 50 fortune cookies to take with me on my road trip. You never know who you'll meet that needs a fortune, but I've never been turned down before. EVERYBODY wants to know their future, after all. Everybody.

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