With a Shudder and a Grimace

And so, with a shudder and a grimace, I begin a blog. What the hell. The way I figure it, I couldn't fall any further, so why not just roll over and type about it? Why, just look what I did this morning as if you needed any further evidence of my decline: I sat in a damn hipster coffee shop using Microsoft Vista on my laptop to write LIT-TRA-CHURE!!! Ackkkkkk! Worse still, I had Skype running in the background while I typed about the spirituality of art! I think I may have even networked by accident.

I'm so embarrassed.

Please know that I will rely on you, my adoring fans, to keep me from straying too far off the path of tolerability here. The very first time, for example, that I use the word "juxtapose", I expect vitriolic cards and letters from each of you berating me for my incessant and shallow posturing. Also, if you happen to see me wearing a sock hat, please bring this to Mark's immediate attention to speed intensive professional intervention. Don't try and handle this grave situation on your own - please leave it to trained professionals.

So, hey, that's my first blog entry. Cha-ching! Let's see if that's about the right dose of Shiree in one sitting (or is it setting?). I'm sure some amount of R & D will be in order to determine the proper RDA - we certainly don't want excessive doses to cause unintentional poisoning!

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